La observación de la estructura textual de los libros para la catalogación de materias en las bibliotecas universitarias de la UNESP

Daniela Majore Dos Reis, Mariângela Spotti Lopes Fujita


In the contemporary society, the recurring preoccupation about the effective use and appropriation of information has forced a progressive maturing of Information Science and its extention to new fields of study. In archival management, some gaps can be found concerning the treatment of photographs that have not been solved either theoretically or methodologically. This study approaches one of these gaps: the one related to the processing of the informational content of the photographic documents in archives. After a literature review, several recommendations are proposed regarding the identification, organization, representation, retrieval and access to the informational content of photographs in archives.

Palabras clave

Indexación; Bibliotecas Universitarias; Estructura Textual de Libros; UNESP; Protocolo Verbal

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